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Pablo has an incredible vision of technology ​adoption, energy and passion to maximise ​innovation, business performance and value"

The University of Queensland, Australia

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Pablo Riveros

Bridging Innovation & Impact Across Borders

Passionate tech entrepreneur with a global focus, dedicating his energy to several impactful ventures:

  • Founder & CEO of Manabu.dev: Leading a green-tech startup leveraging AI to optimise operations, minimize environmental ​impact, and empower smart industries.
  • Founder & Community Architect of Manabu Community & Fukuoka Startup Collective: Connecting local and international ​startups in Japan, fostering a thriving ecosystem.
  • Advisor for ClimaTech Fellowship, Australia & New Zealand: Sharing his expertise and supporting the development of the next ​generation of climate tech leaders in the region.
  • Senior Advisor at NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency), South Korea: Providing strategic guidance to Korean startups.
  • Mentor at The Founder Institute Korea: Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.

Pablo doesn't hold a traditional "job" but rather leverages his diverse experience to:

  • Drive innovation in the green-tech sector.
  • Build bridges between international startup ecosystems.
  • Empower future generations of tech leaders.
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Key Roles


Founder, Community ​Architecture

Manabu + Community

Eco Tech Logo Design

Supporting Tech & Founders

Catalyst for tech founders and entrepreneurs seeking a foothold in Japan and ​Overseas

Strategic Soft Landings

Networking Excellence

Case Study

Expertise in assistance global ​startups, founders to enter in ​Japan and expand APAC

Architecture of the largest startups ​ecosystems + communities. Pablo ​is confident to connect with the ​right person!

A track record of successfully ​assisting businesses from Taiwan, ​offering a personalissed touch ​backed by deep regional insights.

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Ecosystem Navigator

Pablo's background as a sole ​entrepreneur in Japan has honed his ​skills in navigating Asian business ​environments. His knowledge ​encompasses market entry tactics ​and industry trends, offering a well-​rounded perspective essential for ​achieving lasting success.


Advisor Roles

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Tsubaki (Mason) Y.​

The Past.JP​


It’s a lifeline for ​anyone ​looking to expand in ​​Fukuoka, bringing together ​​foreigners with shared ​goals.

Ken Oak



Consulting with Pablo was ​valuable for us, we are ​continue working together ​and identify partnership as ​well.

Deana Iam



Pablo's strategic ​collaboration helped with a ​smooth entry of bikes to ​the Japanese market due to ​his experience as a founder ​and strong network.

Bento Lunch Club

Fukuoka Startup Collective + ​Manabu Communities

Taipei Entrepreneurs HUB

FIBA- Governor Fukuoka ​prefecture Mr. Hattori Seitaro

Climate Tech Fellowship

ESG PropTech Demo

Co-Live Fukuoka, Japan

Soft landing in Japan (Taiwan ​Startup)

If you're a tech founder considering expansion, an entrepreneur ​seeking a seamless transition, or an organisation aiming to acquire ​strategic guidance, Pablo can offer you a distinctive combination of ​entrepreneurial wisdom, global outlook, and regional proficiency that ​can help you advance.

Get in touch with Pablo Riveros and discover your potential in Japan's ​dynamic landscapes and beyond.

Let's collaborate in shaping the future.

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Hakata Station JRKyushu, [Q] co-​living/working space, B1

Fukuoka, Japan (812-0012)



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